Gingivitis is 1 of 2 periodontal diseases. It's the only periodontal disease that is curable. Gingivitis can be either plaque-induced or non plaque-induced; In other words caused by bacteria that developed from poor oral hygiene or it can be hereditary. Most people who have gingivitis experience bleeding gums, inflammation of the gums and or soreness. If untreated, Gingivitis can lead to a more severe gingival disease, Periodontitis, which is non-curable. To cure gingivitis it is recommended to make regular visits to a dental hygienist or dentist to get a cleaning every 3 months and enhance your at-home oral healthcare. To enhance your oral healthcare you must brush your teeth 2x's/day, Floss daily (VERY important) and use an anitseptic mouthwash. Please view the recommended products below. If you are experiencing any of the mentioned symptoms or have been diagnosed with gingivitis do not hesitate to take action now. Purchase a power toothbrush, gum detoxifying toothpaste, floss or water pik and mouthwash today! 

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